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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What a day ,today was.

Another little 3D Tilda card ,how this card was crafted is a was done amongst ,hammering,drilling ,dust flying electritians ,who came at 9 oclock to rewire my whole house.
What a palaver,me,being me ,thought they were due tomorrow so had only just got out of bed and had my first cup of tea,
First thing they did was turn off the heating and electric.and then,being workers leave all the doors open to the elements,it was - 10 when I got up .
By 10 o clock we were froze ,so they took pity on us and connected the central heating so we could have radiators,not much help when they leave doors open,lol.
Enough of my winghing,they have gone now,be back tomorrow though,cos they,forgot ,to wire up my bedroom light.

This was at 10 oclock this morning.while I was sitting in the mess ,crafting away,like a mad woman. trying to keep busy to forget I was freezing.
hope every one else has been warmer than me today


  1. another beautiful card, hope your bedroom light is wired up tomorrow! :) x

  2. Sounds like a grim day think I'd have gone back to bed - amazed you could feel your fingers - lovely card.

  3. Oh, she's so pretty, I love all the white! Well done for managing to craft with all that mess going on!

  4. Beautiful card and I'm amazed you managed to craft while all that was going on. You must have been frozen. Jaqui x