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Monday, 6 December 2010

3D Tilda

My first attempt at layering as of the tutorial at
Many thanks for the instructions ,didn't use the black marker brush,as I dont own I look at it ,I could have used a black ink pad instead.
I used double sided foam pads to try this out,looks really cool.Only used 2 images to get this effect,now to finish the card,lol.


  1. Hi Artydoll - Ooh, this looks great! Thank you *so* much for trying my tutorial. I'm absolutely tickled!

    You can easily use the double sided foam dots in place of the silicone - I'm a big advocate of using what you have on hand. I can tell you, though, that I tried the ink pad and it can't get into the small crevices and curves.


  2. Fab job - haven't tried this before - will nip over and have a look
    Debbie x

  3. That looks great, I havent tried that before

  4. Awesome job on the layering. Very pretty card Love the colors, now you won't be able to make another card without layering. It's so much fun.
    The Beary Scrap DT

  5. What a lovely card and your Tilda looks so pretty in 3D. Jaqui x