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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

last night's little makes.

the start of my flannel cup cakes.
I was so fed up of not finding any cup cake cases to print out,I made my own,they have no bottoms,but that dont matter,they only holding a flannel,lol.
do you think they will serve the purpose?

here we have ,"a money necklace".
My gran daughter want £20 each for Christmas,so I have been saving up £2 coins.
Thought i would try out this idea, of a money necklace


  1. Love the necklace idea Tina - all the 'girls' I 'buy' for want money these days think I'll pinch your idea. Can you tell me how it's done please?

  2. Great idea - Can I pinch it too to use for sweetie money please? Jaqui x

  3. What a fab idea the money necklace is.

  4. great idea for giving money :)

  5. Love your cupcake holders! My grandma used to make us money necklaces every year when we were kids and I had totally forgotten about them so thank you for reminding me!

  6. Love your money necklace, it's a fab idea