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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Another first for me,a waterfall card

Made my first waterfall card,last night.
I followed instructions out of this months,Papercraft inspirations,I always wanted to make one of these cards ,but thought I would have to buy a kit for them.
This was quite straight forward,except I got in a right old pickle trying to get the poll tab in
I used my own backing paper but cut out the cat pics from the magazine,slap hand, I hate cutting up my card mags.
The brads and sentiment
was from my stash
the pink stick on edging was from Anitas,dont remember where I got the silver edging.
Now to make another with some of my own pics,I think photos would be good .


  1. Lovely card, will have to give this a go too at some point

  2. Lovely card, never tried a waterfall card, it looks really good

  3. Wow thats beautiful, never done one myself, too scared! x