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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Does your cat really belong to you?

Does anyone really know where cats go to .
This lovely ginger tom cat has lived with us for at least 18 months ,He was kind of stray but took our house over ,he arrived following our female cat,through the cat flap.he sometimes goes off for a day or 2 ,he hasn't been neutered, but not often ,so imagine our surprise when on Sunday ,he turned up with a new red collar on.
I took this off because it seemed really tight,and he hunts a lot in the bushes and undergrowth,and I'm afraid it would catch on things and get him stuck .
Yesterday in he walks,with a message around his neck ,tied on with two pipe cleaners,lol.
The message says ,please give MY cat back his collar ,and goes on to say that he belongs to a 4 year old girl.
Now this cat,who my OH adores ,and cuddles for hours,actually belongs to someone else.
He is at my door at 8.30 every morning,waiting for his food and goes about 10 in the evening.after his supper.
So ,he is getting the best of both worlds,I have now sent him off with a message on his collar to see if we can find out where he goes ,and who he actually lives with.
Have a good look at your cat,you never know where they go to ,when they go off for an hour or two.
I.ll post any developement later if he comes back with another message


  1. oooh how intriguing. wonder if he goes far my brothers cat used to go further along his road. deffo they like the best of both worlds .

  2. Oh my gosh - cant wait to see the outcome - before we moved one of our cats we have 3 - Georgina used to go next door and help herself to food, including our neighbours sunday morning croissants! She would often bring us back cakes in wrappers, not sure where she would get those from

  3. Typical cat! My in laws always had cats that just 'moved in' with them, only one had two homes that they knew of. Your dilema is intriguing.

  4. Hi Artydoll - I can identify with your cat problem. We have three, and the tom used to disappear for several days at a time, when he was younger. I ended up putting a note on his collar asking whoever read it, not to feed him as he was loved, and missed by his family. Now 16, he doesn't go further than the end of the garden! Once, when we invited the neighbours in for a Christmas drink, several people arrived and said to oone of ours 'oh, so this is where you live!' and went on to say that she visited them regularly, and made herself at home!!