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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tutorial for icecream pin cushion.

heres the icecream pin cushion.
start with fabric twice the depth of small cardboard roll ,and make sure it will go around roll with a little to sew a seam.
sew short sides together. fold in half ,put carboard roll between 2 fabric sides as shown in pic
run a row of stitches around the top ,pull tight ,and finish off .
cut a circle of cardboard ,same size as cardboard tube ,cut a fabric circle a little bigger,stitch around the circle ,pull tight ,

sew bottom to fabric covered tube using little stitches.

stuff with filling.

cut about an 8 inch piece of white cotton,about 6 cms wide ,make a small long roll of filling ,roll between hands. to fit.

keeping filling inside stitch long sides together.

attach the cream starting at one end ,attach with small stitches to the fabric covered tube.

keep sewing the cream ,curling it round as you go ,like in the pic.

push the last bit in and fasten off securely.

add some glass topped pins,or sew on some coloured beads ,for sprinkles.

there we are ,finished.
My first tutorial.hope you can all understand it.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic - great tutorial and great idea!! Ooh you could make all sorts of flavours, mint and chocolate chip springs to mind. Jaqui x