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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cant stop laminating.................

4 butterfly table mats,for my eldest daughter

My first attempts at card making.

A few of my bookmarks.

Made this for my daughter,who just cant have too many handbags.A laminated table mat.


  1. Lovely cards and bookmarks. I love the bag on the top card and the layout of the cards. Well done

  2. Super cards and you've made some cracking bookmarks there.

  3. The cards ar lovely :)
    Dont you just love laminators lol, Im like you and want to make so many things with it. Your daughters table mat is brill :)
    I just realised Ive not commented on your things (sorry) I do look and love everything you do :)

  4. Lovely makes, I think I need a laminator!!!

  5. I LOVE your bookmarks! Great idea with the tablemats and I love your first cards, love the sparkles. Jaqui x