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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Decorated present

Just a pic of my DIL,s birthday present trimmed with some of my hand crafted flowers today,not much card making going on.

Insurance on the car is being sorted,car is off for assessment on Friday,should know the outcome by the beginning of next week with some luck.Stupid foriegn people not looking where they are going,apologies if you are foriegn but when you cant understand English road signs,you shouldn,t be b....y driving on British roads,he was just following his SAT NAV.......................................DUH


  1. All your hand made flowers are just beautiful even the toilet paper ones I had no idea!! Thanks so much for your lovely message on my blog really appreciated xxx

  2. Your beautiful handmade flowers have made your gift look super special xx

  3. The flowers are beautiful :) your DIL will love her gift :)
    There are too many stupid people on the roads, hope all will be ok xx

  4. The flowers are beautiful, it's lovely