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Friday, 17 September 2010

Anyone know what these are please?

my first attempt at this,lol.
Anyone know what these are,and how to use them?
My daughter got them from a carboot,just in a plastic bag,the seller said they were used in card making .
there is the full alphabet and a few others ,they make indentations in the card.


  1. Wonder if they are for embossing words ?
    Abit like a quickutz squeeze ( although those cut out alphabets)

  2. thanks ,thats what they do ,you squeeze the scissors to get the letter to indent the paper or card.

  3. I think choccy is right, the problem is getting them in the right position!

  4. Bet a faint ruler line would help ? Then maybe you could rub it out.

  5. Interesting, I've never seen anything like them, sorry I can't help but choccy seems to have hit the nail on the head. Jaqui x