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Saturday, 28 August 2010

My Husbands favourite birthday card

Just had to blog this beautiful card,my husband recieved this yesterday off our 5 year old grand daughter Liberty.
She made it all by herself ,before her mum got out of bed .
the car was added ,cos she said it was for a
you have to look at it lying down,as the flowers are stuck in a little vase,made from a glue top.
Isn't it cute,I just love it.

Its even decorated on the inside with ribbon and jewels I think she will be catching her oldest sister up ,with her card making soon,her sister is Izzy wizzy.
my husband was so chuffed with this card,think he preferred it to te one I made,I know I did.
Dont you think shes good for 5 years old.?


  1. Great card. She if obviously very talented. Takes after her grandmother!

  2. Beautiful card Liberty. Your cards are better than mine! :o)

    Love and big hugs to you and Izzy.

    Julie xxx

  3. Oh super card well done Liberty