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Monday, 10 May 2010

May 10th

well my blog seems to be turning into a garden story, it must be Spring as lots of bees about today and even saw 2 butterflies a few minutes ago,

garden is taken over by bluebells and forget me nots at the moment,that will soon change,

Thats what I love about the garden ,never stands still ,always something else to wonder at.

have 2 resident pigeons living in the silver birch trees ,just over our fence.think they might be the ones who dug up all the peas my Oh

Have a magpie which flies in ,with someone elses hard bread ,dips in our water bath,waits for it to soften ,then flies off to eat it on top of the shed.Wonder how he figured that one out.

We have an old stray tom cat who seems to have adopted us over the winter.

He comes in the morning ,through our cat flap ,eats our cats food and has a kip on the sofa in the back room.

Theres a pic of him above,hes a proper scruff.

1 comment:

  1. How brilliant is that. I love the fact that he kips on your couch. Aren't cats just the best. Jaqui x