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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Another sunny day.

Here we go again,a really lovely sunny day today
I will show this to my husband when he says later on in the year ,we not having any summer this year,lol.he always moans ,that we dont get any summer,I just hope this mini heat wave keeps up for a few more days,so my grandkids can have a great time on their hols.
My legs dont seem to like the warm weather,they have been aching for the last 2 days,I,m taking pain killers every few I can walk around a bit.
They are ok when I sit down,so I aint been doing a lot,lol.
I did cook a roast dinner,standing peeling the veg was a bummmer.
My lovely other half washed up,cos the dinner was great .
If it had been rubbish,I think I would have invited the dog next door round to wash them instead......................................He,ll lick anything clean.

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