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Friday, 28 October 2011

The end of my shady living room,bye bye trees.

My son frightens me being this high off the ground,the trees were about 25 feet high.

Some pics of my son,getting these pine trees down,they are shading the garden and causing a lot of moss to grow,so they had to go.

It goes against the grain to take these trees down ,they were planted by my eldest son over 38 years ago ,but they have had their day.

Tonight they are in a neighbours wood pile to help him through the Winter,so theyare being put to good use.

Bye ,bye trees and hullo to some more daylight in my gloomy living room.


  1. Glad you've got more light now but eeek at your son up that high!! Hugs. Hope you're doing ok. Jaqui x

  2. I don't even like pulling out bedding plants! so understand how you must feel but I'm sure you'll enjoy the extra sunlight and your neighbour will be grateful x