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Friday, 20 May 2011

My birthday cards

Ali B 123,OAP,and Addams

Heres my cards from you beautiful virtual friends,it was so great to get such marvelous cards from you all.
A great big THANKS Marg,Jowri and Flying Fresian,

Rainmac,Scatty,and Karen

CT, Wanna be rich,and Padster

The wife ,came with a lovely stack of papers,thanks

2 little pressies ,thanks girls ,the handmade box contains little curly cutouts ,lovely .


  1. Such lovely cards, hope you had a great day x

  2. I hope you had a fab time you lovely lady. xx

  3. Beautiful cards, Tina and I'm glad you liked the papers. Isn't it a real pleasure to receive a card that's been hand-made.