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Saturday, 30 October 2010

bags of poop

Hi,been away for a while with a lost mojo,lol.

still haven't made any cards recently,

but I did do these yesterday,1 bag of choccy raisins[200gm] did all these bags,they are only little .


  1. These are lovely, what a cute image! I'd never have managed to make 8 poop bags from one bag of choccy raisins, I'd have probably managed one and the rest would have been down my neck!!!!!!! Choccy raisins are second only to Ferrero Rocher with me!

  2. Ooo they look brilliant, I love your toppers and very MSE :) xx

  3. Gorgeous bags, thinking of making some of this for my boys this year, think it will make them giggle!