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Saturday, 3 April 2010

April 3rd lovely family day

Had a great family day today,
first my younger daughter and her 2 girls came for lunch,
just some chips and roast pork,which I had just cooked for Sunday lunch tomorrow.
We had a good old natter,she,s going through a little hiccup in her relationship at the mo,but seemed ok today,girls had their eggs and little crochetted animals that I had made.,hello kitty one was much appreciated by older girl.
The my youngest son,wife and 2 boys arrived with their eggs as well ,so we all been chomping on the choccy.
Boys liked their animals as well especially my attempt at jellyfish from spongebob.
All the children went with my Oh to take turns on the xbox upstairs.
Then my oldest daughter and fiance arrived ,with shopping bags in tow. freezing cold and dying for a cup of coffee.
So a good old natter was had by all,caught up on all family gossip and news.
dont usually see them all together,lovely to compare the 4 grandchildren together,they are all growing so quick these days.
Very quiet now they have all gone ...........................................................

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