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Friday, 19 March 2010

Some of my most favourite things..............

my birthday goose,I love her.
Our elderley cat Mindy ,she is over 14 years .

indoor lamp with water feature a great freebie.

Little wooden monk ,bought for 10 p in jumble sale

c 12th dollhouse
crochettedc covers and cushions on 2 old chairs,I love them,look really oldy worldy,just like me.A bit of colour in my otherwise drab life. I just love sitting in this room ,like a little piece of heaven.
Bride and groom ornaments,bought by my son,Alan,years ago,cant even remember when,my brain dont work too good these days.

Window seat ,bought in Lidls last month,really good place ro hide Easter eggs,and display my crochet

Lovely little distressed mini cupboard,another gift off my daughter,for our wedding anniversary last September. She has put our wedding date on the front,cos I keep forgetting how long we,ve been together.

My new collection ,Johm Ditchfield glass.only have 2 at the moment,but ,hey

we all have to start somewhere.[they were gifts off my lovely daughter, Jane]

In the back ,12th scale man with donkey,hes quite old,as the donkey is straw stuffed.

1 comment:

  1. Such beautiful things! I love the little bride and groom, they are fab and the little cupboard is beautiful.