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Monday, 22 February 2010

MY EXPERIENCES WITH OUR LOCAL COUNCIL[I really hate them turning up on my doorstep]

Monday 22nd FEbruary 2010.
Today I am really peeed off with the local Council.
They were suppossed to come this morning to replace rotten floorboards in my upstairs loo.
10 past 8 along comes a plumber who removes 3 screws holding the toilet to the floor,there should have been 4 but only 3 were screwed in,takes toilet out my front garden ,says see you tomorrow at the same time to put it back in.
9 oclock comes ,no sign of any workmen,phone the council up ,lovely helful lady tells me ,You have an ;appointment;for between 8 am and 12 midday for the carpentor to do your floorboards .
Wait until 10 past midday,phone again ,new lady ,calle,says she will phone the first lady i talked to and find out what was happening.
Phoned back in 5 mins to tell me that they are coming at 8 oclock the next morning
SO now I have the plumber coming at 8 to put toilet back in,carpenter coming at 8 to remove and replace floorboards.
What a fiasco ,
I am not very good on my legs and sleep rather badly needing to use the loo a few times in the night,so now I have to sleep on a 2 seater sofa ,as the upstairs toilet is in the garden,lol.
We do have a downstairs loo so I shall have to use that.
Right rant over,just really,really annoyed with the council and the way they treat their tenants,
We have rented this house for 43 years by the way.


Tuesday morning,
Went to bed at half twelve,got up at 4 to grope my way down in the cold to use the loo ,crawled back to bed,but couldn,t get back to sleep until after 5.
so was not happy when the recycling lorry woke me at 6.25.God I hate the Council.
So now I,m sitting on my comp,bleary eyed and ready to face another run in with council
Its now 10 past 8 am ,no sign of any workers,yet.
Carpenter came at 10 past 10 to renew floorboards.
After looking at the boards wanted to renew the whole floor ,but had only been told to renew 2 square feet beneath where the toilet is fixed,"so it doesn,t fall through the ceiling",councils instructions.
He even phoned them up to see if it was possible to do a proper job,but they said no ,he was only to renew the 2 square feet.
So 2 hours later hes finished and gone.
Now I,m waiting for the plomber to come and put the toilet back in.
They like making a meal of every job they do ,plumber has to fix 4 screws in the floor.


ITS officially finished ,The plumber came for all of 5 minutes and screwed it down ,I now have an upstairs loo,WAYHAY.

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